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Streets Without Cars

22 Dec

Watch out for the Prohibited Lane!

via NY Times via kottke


Right to Drive

27 Nov

[Mayor Bloomberg’s] taking away my rights as a driver.”

Leslie Sicklick

What are a drivers rights? Efficient travel? So what about pedestrians and cyclists?

In New York City, pedestrian fatalities have decreased as a result of Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Bloomberg’s bold changes. Unfortunately, now pedestrians account for 60% of traffic-related fatalities, indicating a need for continued interventions.

Fatalities are a severe measure. A more accurate sense of the relationship between travel mode and safety would vary regionally and require data regarding number of trips and all injuries. Regardless of the numbers, pedestrians and cyclists will always lose to vehicles, with more and more severe injuries as a result of any accident.

In terms of personal safety, SuperFreakonomics makes the distressing argument for driving under the influence.

A drunk walker is eight times more likely to get killed than a drunk driver.

There’s one important caveat: a drunk walker isn’t likely to hurt or kill anyone other than her- or himself. That can’t be said of a drunk driver. In fatal accidents involving alcohol, 36 percent of the victims are either passengers, pedestrians, or other drivers. Still, even after factoring in the deaths of those innocents, walking drunk leads to five times as many deaths per mile as driving drunk.

And these calculations estimate that 1 out of every 140 pedestrian miles is walked under the influence! The other 99% of pedestrian trips are subject to additional dangers.

Therefore, pedestrian and cyclist rights should always trump those of motor vehicles. The issue is not getting home quickly but getting home safely, however you get there.


Walk This Way

1 Oct

Street art in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood by Higher Level Art. I wonder what the on the ground experience is but it certainly is a colorful addition to a neutrally toned neighborhood.