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Good design is

7 Oct

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Still going with the FLO

24 May

10 timeless and universal design lessons from Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture and designer of many loved public spaces, including Central Park, Boston’s Emerald Necklace and Mont Royal.


Triangular Design Manifesto

7 Nov

00_ Design should not be based on formal principles – but always on an idea of society.
01_ Designed forms represent possible social orders and a lot of their contradictions.
02_ Design is everything. Anything could be designed. Everyone is a designer.
03_ Design allows social innovations. Often it is not made by designers.
04_ Design has not scale. It could be small and have great impact.
05_ Design is not an innocent practice. Designers are wicked.
06_ Design should engage people and interact with them.
07_ Design is an interdisciplinary applied science.
08_ Design produces visual consciousness.
09_ Design is a triangular manifesto.
10_ Design makes you smile.
11_ This is the top.
12_ Enjoy!

via conceptual devices via swissmiss