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The Next 100 Days

2 Nov

During the summer, I completed a Michael Beirut inspired design project, repeating the same creative act for 100 days. Celebrating the domesticated landscape around me, I took flower pictures and edited them with instagram.

As a result of the project, I became one of those people who couldn’t walk by flowers without stopping. It was rewarding to have the delicate details jump out in the midst of the overheated city.

Noe that fall is here, I am missing the summer weather and the project. Will have to embark on a new project for winter.

Here are my top 5 favourites of the collection. What will your project be?



Take cover

18 May

An umbrella installation seems like a natural project for Vancouver. 

We got a taste of the possible delight with Balloons Caught in Trounce Alley, the winning entry in the 2005 FrontierSpace Design Competition winner by Satoshi Matsuoka + Yuki Tamura. Last summer, a similar project was installed in Talca, Chile.