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6 Nov

How many Canadian items are in this picture? It’s not just hosers Bob and Doug McKenzie from the Canadian classic Strange Brew, but the headgear.

Now that I’ve lived in Canada longer than the United States, I have a hard time remembering what I called winter hats before. Winter hats? Knit cap?

The toque, or tuque,is  pronounced  ˈtk, not toke. According to Wikipedia, the term is Canadian English and was assimilated from the Candian French, tuque.

It’s a great vocabulary work to adopt. I am a fan of specific language and it makes sense that a knit winter cap has it’s own name. Next in Canadian lessons, the loonie and twoonie.


Kicking Fatties in the Pow Pow

6 Nov

Just came back from watching my first Warren Miller film. So enthralling to see what people can do, so sad I’m not doing it! Have both added backcountry adventures to my life list and will soon be watching a ski bum movie. I’ve been missing the era of Ski School and the like.