Knit Comfort

4 Nov

Looking out at the yellow leaves of this delightfully late fall, I have sweaters and boots on the brain. Gotta cover up for my first winter that involves sub-zero temperatures in over a decade.

One thing I did bring from the West Coast is a Cowichan Sweater.

Original Cowichan sweaters are named after and come from the local First Nations group on south-eastern Vancouver Island. The sweaters combine traditional Salish spinning and weaving and imported European textile methods.

The patterns combine 2-3 natural colours and are either geometric or representational. Although there are traditional themes and layouts, these sweaters have taken on a modern flare and were even appropriated for official Olympic merchandise of the 2010 games in Vancouver. Also popularized by the Dude, these sweaters combine tradition, fun, and practicality. Now the hard part is choosing one.


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