Bean north

4 May

Can you tell that I’m in the Yukon? The only geographic context of the above image is the haiku on the mug.

This place has a particular geography and culture that is a delight to experience and explore. Even with this sense of appreciation, I immediately sought out every caffeinated watering hole to determine the best brew, baked goods and seating. My first visit to Baked Cafe, depicted above, was a sense of coming home. The indie tunes, free wi-fi and comfortable seating are simultaneously placeless and familiar.

Being there identifies one with a particular culture. Wikipedia’s take on the North American coffeehouse is a blend of Italian roots and counter-culture. For me, it is a familiar and comfortable environment. In a small town, I imagine there is a heightened association with urban existence. Whatever the attraction, we all need a third place that provides contact with like-minded individuals and reinforces notions of identity. Baked Cafe has been an important place in my transition to a new environment.

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