Pop-up Restaurant

11 Jan

An enterprising restauranteur has turned the impending demolishing of a building into an opportunity. John Fraser is taking advantage of reduced rent to create an unconventional pop-up restaurant. The temporary nature of the project necessitates frugality and creativity so the operation has been stripped down to the essentials and focuses on the purpose of a restaurant – getting food on the table. Some uncommon solutions include having diners reset tables for the next party, a monthly menu and decor overhaul and backing through Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. It will be interesting to see What Happens When.

This convergence of creativity, collective investment and entrepreneurship may be the hallmarks of current economic reality. This model can be applied to other businesses as well. While starting an officeless business is one approach, temporary sites also present unique opportunities, especially to test ideas. As stated by Frank Bruni

Obligatory resourcefulness has given way to revolutionary thoughts.

What Happens When is located at 25 Cleveland Place (Kenmare Street), NYC.

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