29 Oct



We’re making this place. [It} isn’t really anything during the day.

Rachel Lawrence

In response to a declining downtown, Holyoke, Mass residents are creating their own culinary scene. Bring Your Own Restaurant began when a group dissatisfied with the few restaurant options held an open air picnic and potluck opposite the art gallery opening they were attending that evening.

The event has since continued and grown at various locations around the city. Every other weekend, residents bring chairs, tables and food, instantly transforming derelict places into hot spots. Passer-byers are encouraged to join, enticed by invitations and cupcakes.

BYOR is playing a role in rejuvenating the community, transforming the town’s often negataive reputation and will hopefully stimulate entrepreneurship. How BYOR will continue during winter has yet to be determined but this event has great potential to spur innovative change.

Although we have so many great dining options in Vancouver, this would be a great way of inhabiting public space, enjoying views and sharing our prolific local food culture.

via npr

imgs via Rambling VanDog

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