Universal Design

17 Aug

The qualities of value and authenticity extend to toilets. One of the few universally shared acts, I came across two fantastic and desirable toilets in the last few days.

First, J.D. Salinger’s toilet is currently for sale on eBay, with an asking price of a million dollars!

Second, Power Toilets is an installation created by SUPERFLEX, a Danish art collective, replicating the the toilets used by the UN Security Council at the UN Headquarters, New York.

The UN building was the result of the collaborative efforts of a multinational team of leading architects. When completed in 1952, it stood as a symbol of unity after the Second World War and has since hosted many historic aspirations, speeches, debates and gatherings of world leaders.

I like how these toilets establish a connection between a universal act and the extraordinary work these individuals were engaged in outside of their bodily functions. Although an unusual source, these could be very inspirational places and experiences.

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