Senioritas Vigilancia

9 Jul

An amusing and apt urban intervention, Collective CC in Lisbon formalized the role of women who function as an analog version of CCTV

As most who live in or visit Lisbon and most southern European cities will know from experience, there exists an eagle-eyed population of women who spend their days keeping watch over the street outside their window, one phone call away from reporting any wayward activity to the police – in effect, functioning as an alternate version of CCTV in these neighbourhoods. So within Collective CC’s intervention – in addition to the clever re-contextualization of the role these women serve – is another great visual joke. The signs that Collective CC has secretively placed beneath these women’s windows is a perfect copy of the omnipresent Securitas security/CCTV company visual identity.

As I was enjoying my porch yesterday, I was thinking about how important the role of building and urban form are in creating eyes on the street. Highlighting the significant role these women play is delightful and adds a sense of pride to their vigilance.

via Scott Burnham

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