Pie + Conversation = Ideas / Ideas + Design = Positive Change

26 May

Located in Greensboro, Alabama, Pielab demonstrates the significant impacts thoughtful and place-based design can have. Starting with a space to connect residents around the universal commonalities of pie, coffee, and conversation, the Project M undertaking, Pielab was immediately embraced by the community, expanded, and now serves as a community heart.

  • “As well as offering pie, coffee and design services, PieLab began teaching local YouthBuild students valuable culinary and hospitality skills, hosting small business classes, organizing open mic nights, curating gallery openings for local artists, and even holding ball room dance classes instigated by the local barber. The space has transformed from an outsider’s experiment in a small town, to a hub of community led creation and participation offering new opportunities in a place not often recognized for doing so.”

via psfk

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